Thursday, November 26, 2009

American Media Politics in Transition or Generalist Social Work Practice

American Media Politics in Transition

Author: Jeremy D Mayer

Part of the McGraw-Hill Critical Topics in American Government series, American Media Politics in Transition blends coverage of the historical evolution of American political journalism with theories about its current practice and the emerging technological changes that have begun to bring media power back to the people. Its flexible, self-contained chapters feature discussion questions, suggestions for further readings, online resources, and a list of key terms and figures - all of which come together to make this an ideal supplement for any introductory American Government course, as well as courses on the media and communications.

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Generalist Social Work Practice: An Empowering Approach

Author: Karla Krogsrud Miley


The fifth edition of this innovative text continues to emphasize a generalist, empowerment-oriented approach, along with practice strategies and techniques for working toward individual client and social change.


Highlights of the Fifth Edition:

·        The integration of material on practice, human behavior, policy, and research makes this text a unifying piece of any social work curriculum and a good fit for the new CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards

·        New boxes in each chapter highlight the connection between practice, policy, and research.

·        Sensitizes students to human diversity and ways to increase cultural competence in practice.

·        The comprehensive instructor's manual and test bank, written by the authors, completely outlines the book and offers activities, exercises, and handouts for each chapter.



What Reviewers Are Saying:

“The major strengths of this text include the following: (1) a generalist framework that reflects the multi-faceted nature of contemporary social work practice; (2) an empowerment-orientedapproach that views clients as partners in the helping process; (3) a readable style that is accessible to a broad audience; (4) fundamental concepts that are applicable to a wide range of social work practice environments.”


--Andrew Scharlach, University of California–Berkeley



“Overall, I consider this to be an excellent text. The best one I have yet found for use in teaching generalist practice concepts, process, and methods….”


--Cynthia Bishop, Meredith College




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Focusing on collaboration, a textbook discusses empowering processes that generalist social workers use with clients at the micro-, mid- and macrolevels of practice. Topics include the strengths perspective, cultural sensitivity, the process of creating alliances, ways to identify client system strengths and environmental resources, and methods for implementing and stabilizing change efforts. The authors maintain that an empowerment-based approach can enhance human functioning and promote social justice. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Table of Contents:
1Generalist social work practice3
2The ecosystems perspective24
3Values and multicultural competence53
4Strengths and empowerment79
5An empowering approach to generalist practice103
6Forming partnerships129
7Articulating situations158
8Defining directions189
9Identifying strengths219
10Assessing resource capabilities248
11Framing solutions288
12Activating resources319
13Creating alliances351
14Expanding opportunities384
15Recognizing success409
16Integrating gains436
AppNASW code of ethics465

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