Monday, January 19, 2009

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down or Use of Force

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: Greatest Closing Arguments Protecting Civil Liberties

Author: Michael S Lief

The second volume in a must-have trilogy of the best closing arguments in American legal history

Every day, Americans enjoy the freedom to decide what we do with our property, our bodies, our speech, and our votes. However, the rights to these freedoms have not always been guaranteed. Our civil rights have been assured by cases that have produced monumental shifts in America's cultural, political, and legal landscapes.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down showcases eight of the most exciting closing arguments in civil law -- from the Amistad case, in which John Quincy Adams brought the injustice of slavery to the center stage of American politics, to the Susan B. Anthony decision, which paved the way to success for women's suffrage, to the Larry Flynt trial, in which the porn king became an unlikely champion for freedom of speech. By providing historical and biographical details, as well as the closing arguments themselves, Lief and Caldwell give readers the background necessary to fully understand these important cases, bringing them vividly to life.

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Use of Force: Military Power and International Politics

Author: Robert J Art

The fifth edition of this classic text retains the best from earlier editions and adds sixteen new selections that highlight emerging issues, such as NATO expansion, intervention in ethnic conflicts, and the relevance of force in the twenty-first century. Strategies for using force, together with case studies that illustrate the general principles, are hallmarks of the text. A theme that runs throughout the book is the effect of new technologies on military strategy and the utility of force. Praise for previous editions: "The Use of Force" continues to offer a most stimulating blend of contemporary and traditional perspectives on international relations, very valuable for students new to the subject, but essential also for the experienced researcher trying to maintain his or her bearings. The contributions are chosen for their readability and their timelessness. The perspective is always realistic, in the best sense of the term." -George Quester, University of Maryland "A very useful compendium of articles on critical questions of military force in world politics." -Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Harvard University "A very useful and balanced collection that covers many facets of the problem, logically organized by two of the most sensible scholars in the field." -Richard K. Betts, The Brookings Institution

Author Biography: Robert J. Art is professor of international relations at Brandeis University. Kenneth N. Waltz is adjunct professor of political science at Columbia University and research associate of the Institute of War and Peace Studies.

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