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Where Have All the Leaders Gone or Conflict after the Cold War

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Author: Lee Iacocca

The most widely recognized business executive of all time asks the tough questions that America's leaders must address:

What is each of us giving back to our country?

Do we truly love democracy?

Are we too fat and satisfied for our own good?

Why is America addicted to oil?

Do we really care about our children's futures?

Who will save the middle class?

Lee Iacocca believes that leaders are made in times of crisis—such as today. He has known more leaders than almost anybody else—including nine U.S. presidents, many heads of state, CEOs of the nation's top corporations, celebrities, and even a pope—and is uniquely suited to share his wisdom, knowledge, and wit about the leadership of America. Lee Iacocca does not mince words, and in Where Have All the Leaders Gone? he offers his no-nonsense, straight-up assessments of the American politicians most likely to run for president in 2008. He also shares his lessons learned, and issues a call to action to summon Americans back to their roots of hard work, common sense, integrity, generosity, and optimism.

Where have all the leaders gone? Lee Iacocca has the answer.

Sarah Statz Cords - Library Journal

Business icon Lee Iacocca has cultivated a reputation as a straight talker, and he lives up to it in this engaging treatise. Using a lifetime's worth of business examples from Ford (where he was president) and Chrysler (where he was CEO), as well as his charitable endeavors, he makes his case that better leadership is needed to regain America's social and economic greatness. In 21 chapters, arranged somewhat arbitrarily into four sections questioning America's lack of leadership, fragile global relationships, capitalism, and future, Iacocca tackles such broadly ranging subjects as the prospective 2008 presidential candidates, the war in Iraq, our (lack of an) energy policy, globalization's challenges, and his own retirement. His mix of straightforward lists (e.g., nine qualities of leadership) and conversational asides makes for fast reading, although many readers may be surprised by his level of vitriol toward George W. Bush ("the President of the United States is given a free pass to ignore the Constitution, tap our phones, and lead us to war on a pack of lies"). His status as an icon of commerce and a best-selling author (Iacocca) demands this book's purchase by all public and corporate libraries, but its lack of sourcing or index may make it an optional purchase for undergraduate libraries.

Library Journal

Iacocca stays upbeat in this assessment of issues like family values, job security, and the Iraq war. With a five-city tour. Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments     xi
Where Have All the Leaders Gone?     1
Had enough?     3
People and priorities: It's that simple     15
Can you show me where it's working?     25
Aren't we supposed to be the good guys?     33
How much do we love democracy?     39
Where Have All Our Friends Gone?     57
Will the real leader of the free world please stand up?     59
Meet the coalition of the UNwilling     75
What will we do for oil?     89
Free trade must be fair trade     101
Don't fence me in ... or out     111
Is Capitalism Letting Us Down?     125
Where does all the money go?     127
Will we ever trust corporate America again?     137
Chrysler's lesson: Resist the urge to merge     151
Can anyone around here run a car company?     165
Who will save the middle class?     185
The blame game is killing us     195
Can America Be Great Again?     203
Are we too fat and satisfied for our own good?     205
Bring back brain power     215
Three men who taught me to lead     223
Get off the golf course and DO something     237
2008: A call to action     257
Index     265

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